Retire READY online courses

Learn how to create a lifestyle you'll love that's active, engaging and meaningful...

...because a LITTLE HELP goes a LONG WAY.

"I delayed my retirement for too long. Sonja's course was invaluable, her fresh and positive approach muted my fears, giving me the confidence to retire. So at 71, just two months after completing the course, I took the plunge and resigned from full-time work and I haven't looked back - no regrets! "

D. Suppel
Happily Retired - Sydney, Australia

Retire READY online courses

Helpful, practical, affordable + designed to get results at your pace, in your space.


Would you run a marathon without training? Or buy a house without research? Let's get you well-prepared to transition to retirement, so you'll be confident and READY to embrace your future years. HOW? Go from "what now?" to "this is how!" through Retire READY online courses.


Intro Course $149 


If you have any doubts about yourself in retirement, then this course is for you! Preparation is key to your success. The INTRO Course is designed to guide you each step of the way, so you'll be informed and confident knowing how to maximize your future years. 

In 4 modules this course will cover: 

- What to expect when transitioning to a retirement lifestyle; tips and advice from the hindsight of others.

- Clarify what's important to you; focus on how to manage what you want to do with your time (guilt/stress-free).

- Plot an action plan with realistic goals that will inspire & motivate you to create a future you'll love; one you look forward to that's engaging and fulfilling.

- Get an overview of the Retire READY Easy PEASI Method™ and Philosophy; Learn the 5 key elements that need to be integrated for a successful retirement experience. 

The Retire READY Intro Course is your stepping stone to a smooth transition away from work, and a step closer to creating an active, engaging and purposeful retirement.

LET'S GO! ....

Blueprint Course $799


Are you someone who knows what you need to do, but actually doing what you should can be challenging?  Or, you have ideas or a bucket list but unsure how it will play-out?  Whether you have no idea, some idea, or unwilling to face retirement, then the Retire READY Blueprint Course is for you. You'll happily walk away equipped with a complete blue-print to your future years - a retirement lifestyle that is active, engaging has purpose and you look forward to. 

You'll receive ongoing support, useful tips, practical advice, ideas, case-studies, thought provoking exercises, fun solutions, and evidence-based facts, to keep you motivated and moving forward to reach your goals.

With a focus on learning how to apply and integrate the Retire Ready Easy PEASI Method™ - combining 5 key elements into your lifestyle - you'll truly enjoy the benefits that come with making positive, lasting change in both your mindset and behaviour; more freedom and joy, less stress and guilt, a strong sense of self, purpose and something to work towards, a supportive online community, and so much more.

Bonus:  Lifetime access to the Retire Ready Private Online Community. Be united, feel supported, share experiences and laugh with others like you around the world.  

Invest in YOURSELF!

Keep informed, receive updates and get ready for retirement.


Retire READY online courses

Go from inaction to action and get results; your "what now?" becomes "this is how!"


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