Retirement is more about YOU 

and less about finance. 



the life you want?


Research shows that adjusting to a retirement lifestyle is harder than we expect. Create time NOW, reduce your stress and discover what you can do in advance to prepare yourself on a personal level. HOW? My innovative online retirement courses will guide you through the necessary steps to get ready for this next stage of life. Enjoy your retirement and create an exciting future!


Uncertain what you want to do?  

In these retirement courses, you'll find your direction through guided and focused reflection.  A fresh and creative approach to help you think about new possibilities in your life. Don't wait, invest in yourself now!


Daunted by this lifestyle change?

Being prepared gives you confidence. Get the right advice, strategies and support to help you navigate a smooth transition away from work.  Enjoy your retirement - create a future that's fulfilling, engaging and fun! 



Know where to start? 

Do the training and be rewarded.  A plan with realistic and actionable steps will get you from dream to reality. You'll be motivated and well prepared to step into a retirement lifestyle you love! 

Retirement is YOUR FUTURE, get ready to embrace it!  

Are you READY for YOUR retirement?

Don't delay, start today! Get useful tips on HOW to PREPARE yourself.



Hi, I'm Sonja.

Aside from financial help and a bucket list, what steps have you taken to prepare yourself for retirement?

As we leave the workforce, we don't always know how to value ourselves and enjoy life without a job, or title. We're not taught how to look after our emotional and psychological wellbeing, society doesn't help us, it's up to you.  

Approaching a new life stage and shift in lifestyle can be daunting.  If you have concerns on how to navigate unknown territory, you're not alone, in fact 25% of retirees find it much more difficult than they expected!  

Well there's good news. My online courses are a motivational tool, offering insightful and practical advice on what steps you can take to get yourself personally ready for your future years.  Let's get you from where you are now to where you want to be -- enjoying an active, engaging and fulfilling lifestyle!

Join me, get the results you want, at your pace in your space. Go from "what now?" to "this is how!"

Want to create the BEST YEARS of your life?

Learn HOW to MAXIMIZE your future.

"My first week into semi-retirement I took Sonja's course and was shocked at how unprepared I was. I wish I knew about this before I retired. Why hadn't anyone told me these things? I highly recommend this to everyone before they retire!"

D. Laforte
Recently Retired - Montreal, Canada

Retire READY online courses

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