Hi, I'm Sonja Mitchell.

I'm a retirement educator with expertise on the personal, not the financial. I prepare you for one of the biggest lifestyle transitions you'll ever make! Together, we get you ready to create and maximize a future you'll love!

WHO I am

Experienced - Decades of life experience (I'm not that far behind you).  Over 10 years working with Government and NGO’s - advocating for retirees; encouragement in both the provision of, and engagement in, various social programs; lobbying for more equal, affordable and accessible services.  Plus a history working in event management, fundraising, as well as staff/volunteer training and development.

Qualified - Bachelor in Leisure Management with a focus on ageing issues.  A truckload of credible and up-to-date research (it's ongoing). Additional studies in Adult Education, plus Online Course Creation.  Fuelled by personal interest, my vision has morphed over 20 years.  It's been tested, validated and welcomed (with the encouragement of many).  

Visionary - Leading the way by offering unique online retirement courses that deliver results.  

Let's get you ready for retirement and maximize the best years of your life!

WHY I do it

As a child spending quality time with my grandparents, I saw life through a different lens. Unbeknownst to me, a small seed was planted.

Whilst approaching my 30's I was seeking a shift in direction.  I transitioned from state manager to full-time student, and obtained a BA in Leisure Management. This experience helped me realize the colossal jump individuals encounter going from employee to retiree.  And thus, the seed began to grow.

Further into my research it became evident to me that aside from financial planning, the personal preparation for retirement is often forgotten, overlooked or even denied.  Yet it is one of the biggest transitions we'll ever make. 

With so little education or support readily available, I had my light bulb moment.  This was a great opportunity to change the status quo and share my expertise.  Why?  

Because with the right approach and support, retirement can be everything you want it to be! 

HOW I do it

I see myself as a motivator; someone who gets you to take action, make that leap of faith and move forward in realizing your goals.  My step-by-step process is what guides you to create achievable and actionable steps to get you where you want to be - living and enjoying a happy retirement. 

Having done all the research and legwork, as your guide, coach, educator (or whatever you prefer to call me), I get you ready to embrace a retirement (or semi-retirement) lifestyle, as smoothly and stress-free as possible.  

In other words, I get you emotionally and psychologically prepared to go from point A to your point B, that being an active, stimulating, engaging and fulfilling time in your life. 

A little help can go a long way.



I teach you to invest in yourself and focus on the personal as opposed to the financial.  I do this with provocative and practical online retirement courses.  I provide you with the philosophies, strategies and tools for you to confidently plan, create and enjoy your future, with or without work.  

The courses are accessible (world-wide, day/night), affordable (great return on investment), flexible (your space, own pace), and a unique way to receive support.  You'll love the results as you learn how to transition to working less, and living more. 

My vision is to reduce the gap in educational support for individuals entering this significant stage in their lifecycle. 

Yet it's the positive feedback and success stories of transformation from my 'students' (adults like you) that inspires my relentless enthusiasm to continue. 

The seed has come to fruition.  It's time for action!  


YOUR retirement, your FUTURE.

Learn how to PREPARE yourself.


Retire READY

more life, less work!


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